Truth never fails

Marriage is a sacred institution, it is the holy union of two individuals. The basis of marriage should be truth and trust. There should be no secrets between partners. The two individuals should share their joys and sorrows with each other and they can easily cross the river of life.

Three things cannot be long hidden: The Sun, the Moon and the TRUTH – Buddha

There is one incident in my life where I chose to tell the truth rather than hiding the fact. I could have hidden the fact and got away with it easily, but I decided the other way round. Before marriage, I had undergone a surgery for the removal of cysts in my ovary and in that one ovary had to be removed. It could have caused problems in my coming life. But the doctors assured me that it was not that much a bigger problem.

When I got engaged to my would be hubby, I always wanted to share this secret with him. Why after engagement, because before engagement, we never got that opportunity to talk so much in privacy. But during the courtship time I got this opportunity and I spoke my heart out.

Even though my mom (being a caring and concerned mom) had told me not to share this fact with him. It was so because I come from a place where people don’t know about such things and no one would marry their son to such a girl who had a surgery. There are very few people ( friends, family and my hubby) who know about this secret of mine.

I still remember that day, it’s very fresh in my mind. On a weekend day, sitting in a park under a tree on a bench, I told him about this secret of mine. He was confused about this ovarian cysts, he never knew about that. He got a little tensed about the uncertainties of the coming future. He had many questions going on in his mind.

But when I assured him and told him about the doctor’s words, he was convinced. But one thing which impressed him was my truthfulness and he trusted me and also never shared this fact with anyone else. And now we are a happy parents of a healthy and very naughty boy.

If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything – Mark Twain

If one person hides some facts or tells a lie, his conscience will always be reminding him to tell the truth. If you always speak the truth and never hide the facts, then you will never have to be extra cautious while speaking so that the truth doesn’t come out in spurts of anger or excitement. I shared my secret with my hubby and removed the burden from my heart.

You can watch the TV commercial of Kinley which shows that speaking the truth makes you feel lighter and happy. When you have no untold secrets to hide, you are always very carefree and at peace with yourself.

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5 thoughts on “Truth never fails

  1. A very inspiring account, Anita – I had goosebumps while reading this, I cannot even imagine how difficult it must have been to share it with someone whom you are engaged with. Hats off to you and your hubby. Thank you so much for sharing this story.


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