Overcome the fear, be the winner!!!

We say “Life is short”, but when we are in a trouble, every second seems infinite. Every one has ups and downs in their lives, we have happy times and then we have sad, gloomy and fearful days. If we overcome our troubles and fears, then only we come out as winners.

The more you put the gold in the fire, purer it becomes.

In the same way, life tests us through our fears, troubles and problems and when we face them with sheer hard work and determination, we emerge as the winners.

Fear is a fact of life and to succeed in life we have to face our fears. Regarding taking a big risk in life, I don’t think till now I have faced such a big fearful situation. But I have one small instance where I overcame my fear and succeeded.

I am a biiiiigggggg non-dancer and I have a big stage fright. In our college days, every month there were cultural evenings of about 1 hour where there were singing, dancing and plays from each section. Thanks to our principal for this who always tried to improve our stage presence but we always cursed him. It was his rule to assign us that tasks which we were afraid of and these cultural events were always sudden, within one or two days you had to perform.

So one fine day we 5 girls (including me) came to know that we have to do a dance performance that evening. Imagine 5 non-dancers giving dance performance in one day. We had to choose the song and decide our costume, learn dance steps from our dancer friends, practice and then finally perform in the evening. In all these, getting costume was also a big issue, so we all decided that we will just wear casual tees and jeans, as our dance performance was more important than the costume.

Mind you, that time mobile phones were not in so widespread use, we had to take permission from principal for going home and then had to get our dresses in the lunch break. All in all, it was a very hectic day with learning dance steps, practising, getting costume and then giving dance performance. There were few mistakes in our performance but our overall performance was good and everyone applauded it.

That day, we 5 non-dancers were congratulated for our nice dance performance and also we overcame our fear of dancing in public on stage. This was a very big challenge for me because I am very shy of dancing especially in public, even little bit of movement is a big thing for me, forget about dancing. But still I took that challenge or rather had to take that challenge and overcame my fear of dancing in public and came out winner, giving a nice dance performance.

Watch the above Tamil video of Mountain Dew India, which shows how the guys overcome their fear on a mountaineering trip and become victorious. Also check the mountain dew India Facebook page, which showcases that “Darr ke aage jeet hai” (you get victory, after you overcome your fear).

So overcome the fear and be the winner!!!

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