Love and pre-marital sex (PMS)

Love and sex go hand in hand, sex is the ultimate destination of love, after all sex is the biological need of an individual. Sex is needed for procreation.

What about pre-marital sex (PMS)? What I feel is that sex is not associated with any culture, religion or country; it is very individualistic. Some can say that PMS is a western thing and is against the Indian culture. Think again….there are some tribes in India which favour PMS. In India, the Muria people of Madhya Pradesh, for them sexuality prior to marriage is accepted and at times expected.

Some can get offended with pre-marital sex but many can be in its favour. Sex before or after marriage is a personal choice. If you love someone, you have trust for each other and you want to take your relationship to the next level, it’s completely your call. Nobody should judge anyone on the basis of relationships.

But I believe in sex after marriage, I feel that love should have some bounds before marriage. Nowadays many teens are getting involved in sexual activities, I feel such activities should be avoided till one becomes a major. One should be mature enough to understand the pros and cons of early sexual indulgence. To take care of such issues, sex education should be a must in schools. Pre-marital sex has so many risks involved with itself. There are chances of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and above all pregnancy.

All the people who are in love and want to take your relationship to the next level before marriage, please think before taking the leap, are you sure that your lover is going to marry you. In such situations, I feel girls should be extra cautious because if you get pregnant and your lover dumps you, you will have to bear a lot in life. Either you will abort the baby or carry on with the pregnancy, I know today women are very strong and live on their own and can bring up the child but still its easier said than done. Why not be cautious in the beginning rather than repenting later?

I feel if two people love and trust each other, they can take the big decision but still it is better if they wait till they get married. This is my personal opinion but even then I will never judge anyone as immoral if they are involved in pre-marital sex. After all its a matter of personal choice.

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