Speak up Montu…..please stop spitting here and there

India is a vast country with variety of people living here. There are upper class people and people belonging to the lower class, some maintain a dignified life and then there are some just living their life, some believe in cleanliness and hygiene and some just don’t care. I know people who belong to the lower class or specifically people belonging to the below poverty line (BPL) class, they are always struggling even to manage two meals for their families, so they are not much concerned about their country. But still if you can’t do anything good for your country then please don’t do something bad for your motherland.

Last week I went out shopping to a local market, as the parking area was a little away from the market, so I had to walk. The moment I set my foot out and start walking on the road or on the footpath, everywhere I see spit and spittle. I mean you don’t get clean space to walk with ease, you have to look down and walk carefully with a gross feeling. Anywhere you go, the scenario is same everywhere. People leisurely spit here and there, be it a market, a public park, railway station or while walking on the road or the footpath.

What can be the solution to this problem of people spitting everywhere? One solution can be placement of spittoons at easily accessible locations. But again there is one problem, will the people who spit here and there, take so much pain to go to the spittoon for spitting. I mean it’s so easy for them to spit anywhere they want. How can you educate and convince such people to spit only in the provided spittoons?

I have a solution for this, start imposing fine on those who are caught spitting here and there and regular defaulters should be penalized. But who will keep an eye on such people? I think there should be anti spit police (ASP) to charge the people spitting in any public place. When you are fined for your actions and there is an authority to keep a check, people are ought to behave decently and will stop littering.

I think these are trivial issues but they are making our country’s image bad. Time has come to speak up on such matters. When we will start speaking then only our voice will be heard and something will be done. So raise your voice and make a difference.

Strepsils India has come up with “#AbMontuBolega” campaign where you raise your concerns and speak up to make our country clean. There are many small issues to be solved, if we keep ignoring them, the condition is going to get worse. When we start speaking, the concerned authorities will have no scope of ignoring our voice. So don’t be a silent spectator; come speak up, raise your voice and make a difference.

You can check the website of this “AbMontuBolega” campaign by Strepsils India and also their Facebook and Twitter pages. So come forward, speak up and do your bit in making our country clean.

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