Perfecting the imperfections

There are so many creatures including human beings on this earth. God has created every creature with utmost care and love. Anywhere you look around and you can see beauty of God’s creation, be it green grass or green trees, bright and colourful flowers and animals, insects, butterflies and many other living creatures with beautiful colours and especially the prints on their bodies are just awesome.

We human beings are considered to be the best creation of God, we have beautiful face with bright eyes to see, ears to hear, tongue to speak, hands to do work, legs to move and above all we have a brain to think. The beauty of our thoughts makes us a beautiful and peaceful human being.

As a painter or a sculptor gives his best shot to each of his paintings or sculptures, similarly God has made each human being with the utmost care. I believe that every human being on this earth is very beautiful, but we all have few imperfections in us, be it facial, physical or behavioural or in any other form.

If we have behavioural issues, it can be corrected or improved through self introspection or through counselling. Sometimes the physical problems can be done away with the help of modern day medical treatments. And now regarding the imperfections in our face, the modern day cosmetics become our saviours. The cosmetics don’t make us beautiful but they enhance our beauty and hide few facial imperfections.

I would tell you about one such cosmetic cream, which is a must in my makeup kit. It is a BB (also known as beauty balm or blemish balm) cream, few months back only I came to know about the BB cream and since then I am using the BB creams. I was using BB cream of some other brand and to tell you, I was quite satisfied with the results and never thought of switching to some other brand.

Then I saw the contest on Indiblogger to write about your experience of Garnier BB cream, I applied for a free sample, but I was late and couldn’t get one. But the good thing is my BB cream had finished and I had to buy a new one, so I thought of giving a try to the Garnier BB cream. To tell you, I do makeup but I don’t like a heavy makeup on a daily basis (heavy makeups are meant for special occasions only). I use the BB cream to hide the dark spots on my face and its quite successful in covering the spots. When I used the Garnier BB cream for the first time, my hubby’s reaction was

“Wow! Your face is looking very radiant”.

As such I am very happy with the result of the Garnier BB cream and also one more thing which I noticed is, Garnier BB cream feels lighter on skin than my previous BB cream and it doesn’t give a patchy look on skin. I think I will continue to use the Garnier BB cream in near future.

If you want to know more about Garnier BB cream and their other products then check the website


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