India and its expanding horizon

India is a country with a rich cultural heritage. We follow our religion sincerely and have deep faith in God. We value our customs and traditions and love for our country, our motherland is deep rooted in us. Even though we don’t do much for our country on a day to day basis but still when our country’s name comes, we all stand united and overcome the hurdles. There are cases of riots in the name of religion but still there are people of different religions living in the same neighbourhood and helping each other in adverse times. We all celebrate each other’s festivals and be a part of joys and sorrows of our neighbours.

The Indian culture is not only limited to India but you go to any part of the world and you can meet your Indian brothers or sisters, they are the ones who are the reason behind the Indian culture being celebrated worldwide. The Indians living abroad celebrate the Indian festivals and as such festivals like Holi and Diwali have become so famous worldwide. It feels really good to see people staying in other countries celebrating the Indian culture, traditions and the festivals.

Recently I came to know through a news channel that the President of United States of America, Mr. Barack Obama keeps a locket of Indian lord Hanumanji. I was really amazed to know about this, it shows the presence of Indian culture in the world over. I don’t know what is his logic or feeling behind keeping the locket of Hanumanji, whether its his faith in our Indian God or something else but still it is our Indian culture that is being followed. It feels really good to know about this. It is same as you can see the statue of “Laughing Buddha” in almost every household, it shows the faith and presence of Buddhism.


Image taken from here

This feeling of the Indian culture getting global or the world getting “Indianized” was prolonged even more on seeing the TV commercial of the German airline “Lufthansa”. I never knew that they cater so nicely to needs of the Indian fliers. Their tagline is very apt which says

Punctuality: Expected
Precision: Expected
Everything else: Unexpected

You can watch the TV commercial of Lufthansa airlines here

They are true to their saying and their Indian customers don’t face any problem related to food, entertainment and even language. It feels good to see that India has made its presence felt in the whole world, whether it is in terms of Indian food or Indian culture. So I feel it is not wrong to say that Indians are everywhere and India is everywhere and that the Indian horizon is expanding.

This post is written for the German airlines Lufthansa, you can get more information about their services and other details through their website


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