Prostitution in India

When you hear the word “prostitution”, what thought does come to your mind? Is it good or bad? What do you think about its legality?

As per Wikipedia “Prostitution is the business or practice of engaging in sexual relations in exchange for payment or some other benefit. Prostitution is sometimes described as commercial sex”. I always thought that prostitution is illegal in India ( seeing TV shows and movies made me feel this). But on going through some articles, I came to know that in India its legal but not regulated. Prostitution is legal but establishments or places like brothels or other such places are illegal. I really don’t get it, if prostitution is legal then why brothels are illegal or if brothels are illegal then why prostitution is legal.

Personally I am totally against prostitution, it just leads to human trafficking, exploitation of women, kidnapping and many other crimes. I don’t know what to say if someone is willingly and knowingly accepting and getting involved in this profession. Is it right to sell your body and soul for some easy money? But I am sure of one thing that forcing someone into flesh trade is a crime. Mostly there are cases where people are forced into this profession, which is not at all acceptable. Sometimes even the law makers and the law enforcers are themselves involved in such illegal activities. We all know that in India almost all cities have red light areas where commercial sex goes on in a large-scale. The police and government are aware of such facts, then why aren’t such areas raided and all brothels closed. Yes closing down the brothels is not the solution to stop the menace of flesh trade because there are many cheap hotels to serve the purpose.

I would like to ask questions to those people who are in favour of prostitution. Would you or your family accept the child out of your illegitimate relationship with a prostitute? Would you let your child play with a prostitute’s child? What happens to a prostitute’s child, if it’s a girl, most probably she will also be pushed into prostitution or if it’s a boy, sooner or later he will get involved in small or big criminal activities. Are we not encouraging crime and criminals through such anti social activities?

So what is your opinion about it? Are you in support of prostitution?


6 thoughts on “Prostitution in India

  1. Just wondering, you are asking questions to those who never come to read your blog… Though I would appreciate your efforts, but I do believe writing a blog or starting an online campaign is never gonna help them who need helps.


      • I am not denying what you are saying, or I am not saying that you are not doing it right, I am actually appreciating your efforts, but to be very frank I somehow feel people who read blog can share their sympathy, but when in reality they need to do something, can go back and prefer not to do anything.

        But anyways, you did a good effort to aware others 🙂


  2. I recalled a dialogue of Chandramukhi in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Devdas’… She says that if prostitutes are cheap, then what about those so called respected persons who come to the prostitutes and their sons who come to the same KoThiwali or her daughter? She continues to say that isn’t the KoThiwali like his mother and isn’t her daughter his sister?’ This naked truth never shakes the heartless people involved in the crimes.

    Until and unless all the men in the world are educated, respect woman and live loyal to their lady; we cannot stop prostitution. But, we can stop crimes related to prostitution. Recently a female saint said that prostitution has to be made strictly legal… May be this will help control the crimes…

    TC! Keep smiling 🙂

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