Charity or empowerment?????

“Saab, kuch de do na saab, do din se kuch nahi khaya. Bachcha bhi bhookha hai”.
( sir, please give something, i have not eaten since last two days. Baby is also hungry.)

This is the scene you witness when you are waiting in a traffic signal, in a temple, railway station or other public place.
You are waiting for the signal to get green, you see a healthy girl ( by healthy I mean with both hands and legs in good condition; eyesight, hearing, speech, everything ok but not pink and plump) in her teenage years with a few months old baby, asking for money. What would you do? As far as I am concerned, in most of the situations I will not give any money to such people. What I think is may be that girl just wants some easy money or maybe even worse, she belongs to some beggars’ gang. And what about the small baby, maybe the baby is kidnapped one. If we are giving money to such people, we are just encouraging such begging gangs and also the kidnap and misuse of young babies. You never know, even your baby can get kidnapped by these people and get dragged into their business of begging. If we don’t want any such things then we should stop giving money to such people.
I have read somewhere that there are begging mafias who run such rackets and they are very rich without doing any work. If you really want to do charity and be of some help then donate to NGOs, you can give food, clothes and money. Food and clothes is ok but money can allure anyone. And also the question arises about the authenticity of the NGOs. If you donate money, you can’t keep on checking on them about the usage of the money. For this I think there should be some kind of auditing or certification of these NGOs so that one can be sure that the donated money is being used properly.
Getting alms for once, twice or maybe thrice is ok. You can’t lead your whole life on such donations without doing any work. But the human body very easily gets used to easy money, in this case the NGOs can act as the saviours. Instead of giving money directly to the needy, why not use that money to give some vocational training to them so that they can get some job and earn money themselves and lead their lives on their own without the need for donations later on.
So I think charity should be done to some authentic and certified NGO which caters to the empowerment of the needy people.
This post is for Indispire 31st edition on “Charity or Empowerment? Are charitable donations to feed and house the poor really the way out of the mire of poverty or do NGOs need to focus more on skill development? Should we as donors be more proactive rather than merely Donating money?”


4 thoughts on “Charity or empowerment?????

  1. I’m completely agree with you Anita that they belong to some beggar gang. But then I think what’d happen to her if I don’t give the money? Will they feed her that night? Will they beat her for not getting enough money? Will they abuse her to look a fit case for sympathy? I feel very sad when I think about these 😦


    • Ravish, very true, if we don’t give her any money then she would have to bear the brunt of her gang members. And yes its very sad that children at such a tender age have to go through this but still giving money to them will make the situation worse.


  2. It’s a good suggestion that there should be “some kind of auditing or certification of these NGOs so that one can be sure that the donated money is being used properly.” Till such time, we can donate to reputed NGOs or to smaller NGOs after making background checks, directly or through any reliable person(s). I’ve touched on this and other kinds of support that can be given in my post


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