Dreams to be fulfilled…..

We all want to achieve certain things or reach to a certain height in our lives. Life is short and full of surprises and uncertainties , so try to fulfil all your wishes and dreams before it’s too late. Always cherish your dreams and strive hard to make your dreams come true. The dreams which I want to fulfil or the things which I want to achieve are listed below, and if successful, I will be very contended on my death-bed and happily say GOODBYE to this world. The list goes here –

1. To own a beautiful flat – Everyone wants to have his own home, I too want to have a flat and decorate it myself as per my taste.

2. To be a business woman:- yes I want to be a successful business woman. Till now I have no clue about it, no ideas nothing, but one day I want to give a serious thought to it and do something in this direction.

3. To travel a lot:- I love traveling and I want to travel almost all the tourists destinations in India and even to a few foreign travel destinations.

4. To read lots and lots of books:- I want to read all genres of books, be it biography, history, fiction, spiritual, religion, romance, I want to include everything in my reading list.

5. To have one more baby:- I have a son but I want one more baby that too a cute baby girl, may be its a little weird to mention it here but still its on my wish list.

6. To earn lots of money:- If I will become a successful business woman, I will earn good amounts of money and as such I will be able to fulfil all the wishes of my kids and even help my parents and in-laws financially.

7. To own a farmhouse:- I would love to have a farmhouse in a serene and peaceful place, probably near my native place. I would love to do gardening, grow fruits and vegetables there and spend my retirement days there.

8. To own a vacation house in Goa:- I have been once to Goa, but I just loved the place. The beaches, food, culture, monuments, everything is so beautiful and I would love to spend and enjoy few chunks of my life there.

9. To own a BMW car:- This is particularly my husband’s dream, but I want him to fulfil his dream so that my dream of going on long drives with him on his long desired car gets fulfilled.

10. To work for an NGO:- I want to get associated with a NGO and help the needy people. If I will be able to help even one such person I would be very happy.

This is my list for now but may be in later part of my life I will have few more desires. If my health and wealth permit, I will be able to fulfil all my dreams and materialistic desires before leaving happily for my heavenly abode.

This post is for 30th edition of Indispire ” Ten things you must do before you die #Lifedeathbucketlist” on http://indiblogger.com.


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