My foresight and the world

Life is beautiful with many ups and downs in it. One day you are happy and elated with success in your hands while some other days you are full of despair and sadness and feel like a failure. Some days you get a good news while on some other days you switch on the television and hear about earthquakes, terrorist attacks etc. Sometimes we take wrong decisions in our life due to which we have to face many problems and its like God’s wrath on us. In such situations,we always think,if we could get a second chance or if we could have assessed or known the consequences, we would never have taken that decision.
If one fine day I wake up and discover that I have got the power to foresee or predict the future then I will be the happiest person on whole earth because I would be able to help the people. If I can foresee any natural calamity or any terrorist attack or any threat to the human population, I will surely use my powers and help the people, even if it means I have to sacrifice one day from my life for that prediction. If reducing one day from my life can save the lives of thousands of people then I will always be ready to help the people. Suppose if I have to live for 70 years and if I have to sacrifice 365 days or one year from my life for this power of foresight, I will be ready for this deal. I will not misuse my power for petty issues but for people’s welfare and on few occasions for myself also but not for small problems because if God has given me such a power it should be used for the human population and not only for personal gain.

I would be very thankful to God if I get any such power and can be a help to the human race. If I can help people then only me having foresight powers will be fruitful otherwise no use.

12 thoughts on “My foresight and the world

    • Chaitali…if one has such a superpower and use it for the whole world…so many lives could be saved in that way…
      Think…if someone had this power and he could have predicted about natural calamities or attacks like….26/11 Mumbai attack,9/11 world trade centre attacks or last year’s landslides in Badrinath or earthquake in Gujarat or Tsunami or many others…. Then so many precious lives could have been saved


    • Ravish, your point is correct but what I think is that we human beings are directly or indirectly the cause of such problems. For say, terrorist attacks, bomb blasts etc are carried out by the people who are living among us. Take the case of natural disasters, if we try to find the root cause, again the blame comes on us ( reason large scale deforestation,unplanned concretization and many others).
      God is the trouble giver…may be it’s a way to give us a sign to stop us from going against the rules of nature. So if one gets the power of foresight, obviously from God, it can be used for the benefit of humankind.


      • Hey Icy, I appreciate your kind and helping nature towards mankind. But as I see, Lord Rama’s wife who herself an incarnation of god was abducted by Ravana. Do you think that Lord Rama was the cause directly or indirectly? And if then God also in human incarnation could not use such powers. Good and bad are just two sides of the same coin. 🙂


      • Yes Ravish…good and bad are the two sides of the coin…
        And from the perspective of Ramayana…Lords Rama and Sita, they were human incarnations and lead their lives as normal human beings of that era without using their godly powers
        It was Sita’s wish to get the golden deer; if she had not desired so, Rama wouldn’t have gone after the deer. If both Sita and Lakshman had followed Rama’s orders of not leaving their hut or if Sita had not crossed the Lakshman rekha…all these directly or indirectly led to the kidnap of Sita. But as Ravana had to be killed by Rama, all of them played their parts.

        Hope I got your point and you mine 😊..


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