My world without mirrors

Mirror mirror on the wall, how do I look?

In today’s world, mirrors have become an essential part of our lives. The mirror shows my true reflection, it shows me my look, the same look which every one sees. I look into the mirror and it gives me the feeling and also the confidence that I am looking good. Also by looking at a mirror I can make myself look even better without taking anyone else’s help.

Suppose there would not have been any mirrors in the world, then how would have we known about our looks. How would we know how our faces look like? We know how others look by looking at them through our eyes but we could have never known about our own appearance because we can’t see our face through our eyes. So here come the need for mirrors. A mirror shows us the truth, the way we look, our true appearance which is presented to others.

I woke up in the morning and go to the bathroom to brush my teeth, I need a mirror to have a look at my teeth. I have to get ready to go out, how will I know if I am looking good, for this I need a mirror. Being a girl, I will apply make up on my face. How will I know if I have overdone the make up? I need a mirror for this. For every small detail I can’t ask others opinion, but yes, I can have mine having a look at the mirror. I have a look in the mirror, yes, now I look perfect and am ready to go out.

I have to meet my friends in the shopping mall. I will be going through my car and while driving I will keep looking at the rear view mirror to have a look at the vehicles coming behind mine. Not having a rear view mirror in the car can lead to fatal accidents. Somehow I reached the mall, I have to do a touch up of my make up. I need to go to the washroom before meeting my friends. I go to the washroom and no mirrors here also. How will I do the touch up? How will I know if I am looking good or not? May be I can ask someone? How can I do that? Let it be then.

Leading a life without mirrors will be like a life on just presumptions about ourselves. A world without mirrors would be a world with people just having perceptions about themselves, without knowing their true self, their true appearance. We need mirrors in our daily lives to know about our true appearance and also in other walks of life.

Mirror mirror on the wall, how do I look?

And the mirror says,”BEAUTIFUL”!!!!!


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