Handle with care!!!!!

How are you at receiving criticism? Do you prefer that others treat you with kid gloves, or go for brutal honesty?

I am a person with a fragile heart, I can’t digest criticism very easily that too a rude one. This is because whatever I do, I try to do it with my full potential especially if it is a work assigned by someone else. It’s not that Continue reading

Charity or empowerment?????

“Saab, kuch de do na saab, do din se kuch nahi khaya. Bachcha bhi bhookha hai”.
( sir, please give something, i have not eaten since last two days. Baby is also hungry.)

This is the scene you witness when you are waiting in a traffic signal, in a temple, railway station or other public place.
You are waiting for the signal to get green, you see a healthy girl ( by healthy I mean with both hands and legs in good condition; eyesight, hearing, speech, everything ok but not pink and plump) in her teenage years with a few months old baby, asking for money. What would you do? As far as I am concerned, in most of the situations I will not give any money to such people. What I think is may be that girl just wants some easy money or maybe even worse, she belongs to some beggars’ gang. And what about the small baby, maybe the baby is kidnapped one. If we are giving money to such people, we are Continue reading

Dreams to be fulfilled…..

We all want to achieve certain things or reach to a certain height in our lives. Life is short and full of surprises and uncertainties , so try to fulfil all your wishes and dreams before it’s too late. Always cherish your dreams and strive hard to make your dreams come true. The dreams which I want to fulfil or the things which I want to achieve are listed below, and if successful, I will be very contended on my death-bed and happily say GOODBYE to this world. The list goes here – Continue reading

My foresight and the world

Life is beautiful with many ups and downs in it. One day you are happy and elated with success in your hands while some other days you are full of despair and sadness and feel like a failure. Some days you get a good news while on some other days you switch on the television and hear about earthquakes, terrorist attacks etc. Sometimes we take wrong decisions in our life due to which we have to face many problems and its like God’s wrath on us. In such situations,we always think,if we could get a second chance or if we could have assessed or known the consequences, we would never have taken that decision.
If one fine day I wake up and discover that I have got the power to foresee or predict the future then I will be the happiest person on whole earth because I would be able to Continue reading

My world without mirrors

Mirror mirror on the wall, how do I look?

In today’s world, mirrors have become an essential part of our lives. The mirror shows my true reflection, it shows me my look, the same look which every one sees. I look into the mirror and it gives me the feeling and also the confidence that I am looking good. Also by looking at a mirror I can make myself look even better without taking anyone else’s help.

Suppose there would not have been any mirrors in the world, then how would have we known about our looks. How would we know how our faces look like? We know how others look by looking at them through our eyes but we could have never known Continue reading