Short fuse generation

In today’s world, every one is in a hurry and living in stressful conditions. We all are lost in the hustle and bustle of our modern lives. We always run short of time, we are so short tempered that even trivial matters lead to disastrous consequences.
We are the short fuse generation, where even a small argument can lead to big fights which can even result in heinous crimes. Imagine a situation… Oh sorry!!! You don’t need to imagine because what I am going to narrate here are real life events.
A man killing his neighbour because of an argument or maybe a fight on parking issue.
A man stripping and beating a woman and thrashing her servant because of her pet dog.
A man firing a bullet and killing another person because he was taking time in parking his bike.
A man killing a person because of his love and care for stray dogs in his locality.
These are real life incidents and its not that there are very few such incidents. Every few days you hear about such things happening. You can hear about murders, rapes, road rage and many such things which are outcomes of small arguments or some other trivial matters. What a pathetic state of modern life???
Our lives are so cheap that anyone can take them because of petty issues. Why do few people behave so insanely? What is the main cause of such incidents? Why is there so much of anger, frustration and short temperament in us? Why does our blood boil on such small issues? Why can’t just love prevail in our lives and in our society? What is the solution to such miseries of modern lives?
But is it correct to say that stress and frustration is the reason of such horrendous crimes? If stress can really make you do such cruelties then please, first do something for yourself. I mean do some yoga or meditation or see a doctor so that you can be at peace with yourself. Only a peaceful person can make a peaceful and happy society. Let love and peace prevail in our society….


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