Making my home lively: the traditional way

A house is made of bricks, mortar, cement, wood etc. But the people living there, turn a house into a home; their joys, sorrows, happiness, love and care, fights and quarrels and many other feelings and gestures make the four walls of a house into a lovely home. Physical things don’t make a home, its the people living in a house, their love, care, concern, emotions that make a home.

But yes, the physical things can help you in shaping your home as per your personality and taste. Everybody loves to look at beautiful things. Beauty always has the power to attract one’s attention, be it a beautiful painting, a chic dress, an elegant table lamp or whatever it be. So why not decorate your home with such beautiful essentials to give it your personal touch.

In India, traditions plays an important part of our culture. We respect our traditional values and cultures, be it treating your guests like god, respect for elders, love for younger ones, worshipping gods and there are many others in our society. I being an Indian love my culture and traditions, so I would like to give a traditional touch to my home, which would display my personality.

I would love to put an “Earth welcome hanging mural” at the entrance and the hanging wall piece with a welcome sign would make my guests feel welcomed in my home. This would be the first thing which guests coming at my place will see and there is a famous quote which says “first impression is the last impression”, and as such this beautiful hanging mural will surely make my guests happy and leave a good impression on them.


Earth welcome hanging mural

As I am a firm believer in god and prayers, I would like to decorate one of the walls of my living room with the “Karigaari jali ashtavinayak Ganesha wall hanging”. This beautiful wall piece with different moods and postures of lord Ganesha will provide a peaceful, calming and soothing aura to my home. As lord Ganesha is also known as “Vighnaharta or the one who takes away all your problems”, similarly this wall hanging of ashtavinayak Ganesha will take away all problems from my home and bring prosperity into my home.


Karigaari jali ashtavinayak Ganesha wall hanging

I would like to get this “yellow door round oil burner” for my bedroom. The oil burner with its beautiful design will add elegance to my bedroom. The oil burner will immerse my whole bedroom in the fragrance of the chosen oil and will bring positivity into my bedroom. It will also provide calming effects on our senses and make my bedroom’s atmosphere lively. And also when lit, it will glow with a soft light which would make my bedroom’s atmosphere soothing and relaxing and its really needed after a day of hectic schedule. The soft or dim light will give a romantic or cosy touch to my bedroom. Even this oil burner can be used in our living room.


The yellow door round oil burner

These three things would be a great addition to my home to make its atmosphere livelier to live in and I would love to redo my home with them.

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