Daily soaps and Indian viewers

Daily soaps occupy an important position in Indian households. There are people who are obsessed with the daily soaps. But for people like me, it starts as a timepass, then it becomes a habit and there comes a time when such shows become an obsession and the sole source of entertainment. You start devoting most of your precious time to such daily soaps apart from your family and household.
Are such shows worth our precious time? Do we gain anything from them? The answer is a complete NO… But still I watch such serials. I know in these serials, every time there will be some problem, somehow the protagonist will solve the problem, the whole family will be happy for some time and again there will be some other problem. This will go on for ages. If in some cases the serial is not able to get audience’s attention, then they will kill some character or take few years leap to keep the audience glued to their show. Ok , it’s their strategy to garner the audience but why do we behave like emotional fools. I mean if a character dies in a show, its a demand of the situation and script but why do I feel like crying or why tears start rolling down my cheeks. Why this stupidity, even if I know that its just a show and the characters are just acting their parts. Am I being too sensitive or are they playing their parts so nicely? Is this just an issue with me or all of you who watch such shows do behave so weird like me?
Recently, in two such serials, they just killed two important characters. I keep on thinking, they should not have done that. In one show, the lady who was killed had two small kids. The kids are asking for her and missing her badly and they don’t even know that their mom is no more with them. I get oversensitive and tears start rolling down my cheeks incessantly. I start imagining about my son if something like this happens to me and I can’t control my emotions. Similarly in another show, the lead actor’s father died, I mean there was no need for such drastic twist, after all his family loved him so much especially his son and daughter in law. I know these are just their tactics to keep their shows alive but don’t know why I can’t stop thinking about them. I know its my mistake that I am taking these serials so personal. I think I should stop behaving like this and never forget that these serials are for the mere purpose of entertainment. Otherwise I am a person of strong emotions and don’t believe in display of emotional side. Don’t know what has happened to me nowadays that I can’t control my emotions. Does having a baby changes your perspective of looking at things? I know I should think logically and rationally. May be its high time that I should take control of my emotions and senses.
I think there won’t be any male in this situation but do you ladies go through such emotional bursts????? How do you cope with this?


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