An Unfinished Date

What will I wear? Will I look perfect for my date? How will he react? Its been six months now…but knowing him in person will be so exciting… What if he is not upto my expectations, what will I do then? I can’t sleep, after all we will be meeting tomorrow for the first time. I am so excited.
Oh God! Its already 9am, how will I reach on time. I have to look my best. (Instead of taking the bus for college, she took the bus to the botanical garden, their meeting place.)
Oh no, such a heavy traffic, when will I reach. What an ordeal, it took one hour to reach here. How do I look now? Let me search for a public toilet. What a mess, I can’t go there. Let it be, I am looking all right.
Where is he? Let me call him. Why isn’t he receiving the call? What happened, is he coming or not? May be he is driving, I should wait for him. Its already 20 minutes now, when will he come.
Where are you?
“I am coming in 5 minutes, lets meet at the pond area.”

Finally we are going to meet. I can see him coming . But why am I blushing? Oh my god!!! He is so handsome, just the way he looked in his pics.

“Hi…how are you?”

I am fine but why did you come so late.

“Oh, you know the traffic here is so heavy and there was one accident between a car and a bike in which a girl was injured badly. I took her to the nearest hospital.
Sorry for making you wait so long. Lets sit there. By the way, you look lovely in this red dress. So did you miss me. I was dying to meet you.”

What is he saying? Stop smiling unnecessarily.
No I didn’t miss you. I was just concerned.
Why is he coming so close?
He is trying to hold my hand. I feel butterflies in my whole body. I can’t resist him. I am totally blank. I can hear some music in the background. Am I in love? Stupid me, its my phone ringing.
I got to go, my friend met with an accident. Sorry, we can meet some other time.


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