Commercialization of Rakshabandhan

Rakshabandhan is a sacred festival to celebrate the relationship of brothers and sisters, where a sister ties a rakhi or thread on the wrist of her brother and the brother will give her some gift in the form of money or any other thing that his sister wants. The gifting part is not very necessary.
Here gifts don’t matter, what matters is the feeling with which you tie the rakhi on your brother’s wrist. This festival symbolizes the love and care of brothers and sisters. Sisters don’t need to buy expensive rakhis to show their love and care for their brothers and similarly brothers don’t need to give expensive gifts to show their love and concern for their sisters.
But recently I came to know about diamond studded rakhis!!!!! Yes I heard it properly, it’s diamond studded rakhi. What’s the use of such rakhis? Are you going to buy such rakhis every year? Are such rakhis meant to be tied on your brother’s wrist or to be kept in a locker? Isn’t it just a waste of your hard earned money? Why the commercialization of this sacred festival? Why can’t you just celebrate and enjoy the beauty of this priceless festival? It’s  a celebration of emotions of brothers and sisters. Why some business minded people want to spoil the piousness of the festival?
These are just my personal feelings and some of you might differ from me. But somewhere I have a feeling that the personal touch and feel of our festivals is getting lost day by day and they are being commercialized for personal gain. Due to this the charm of our festivals is getting lost. Now people have money but less time for their near and dear ones. Make adjustments in your busy schedule and spare some time for your friends, family and relatives.  Festivals are a great time to meet your loved ones, these are the times of happiness and enjoyment. Please don’t take away the past glory of our festivals.


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