Punctuality of we Indians!!!!!

We all know that time is money ₹. But in India you will meet many who believe in the theory that if a work can’t be done today, it can be done tomorrow or even day after tomorrow, why so hurry.

We all Indians know the famous lines of Saint Kabir, which are

” Kaal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab,
Pal bhar me parlay hoyegi, bahuri karega kab”.

( The work which can be done tomorrow, do it today; which can be done today, do it now. Within a second the world can end, when will you finish the pile of work you have to do )

In Indians, punctuality is a very rare quality. You go to any government office, you won’t see the officials coming on time. You have to wait for hours to get a small work done. This habit is not just limited to government sector. You can even take the example of private sector multi national companies in India, there the employees won’t come to office on time and work after office hours. This habit is not good, it kills the personal and family time, which is taking tolls on relationships and affects the productivity of individuals. We Indians don’t value time.

At least once we all have mocked about the Indian standard time (IST), which means never arriving or doing things on right time. You have to go to a function, meeting, get together or any other event, you will find very few people on the right time. Its deep down in our mind that people coming on time don’t have much work. People coming late are busy and successful people, its a matter of pride for them. We don’t value the precious time. With this mentality we are not going to achieve anything. Lost time will never come back.

Time and tide wait for none.

People who respect time achieve greater heights, after all

Time is money ₹

This post is for “Which bad habit of Indians would you like to change for our India?” on Indispire of indiblogger.in site.


11 thoughts on “Punctuality of we Indians!!!!!

    • Thanks Anita for reading my posts and also for your comment.
      Our society is degrading day by day, its high time we take heed of our responsibilities , as you know TIME is ticking….tic toc

      By the way I am your name same…me too Anita…😊


      • True that time is ticking by… That’s the most important resource, Anita.

        Okay 🙂 Nice to meet namesake – Anita!
        Actually, when I commented last night for this post, the author’s name i.e. posted by showed- “Pranish”.
        How did the name change today? Multiple Bloggers use this account?
        Do excuse me as I didn’t know hence used the Boy’s name 🙂


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