Dignity of women

Every human being on this planet has the right to live peacefully with dignity. This should be applicable to women too. But where are we heading to. Every day there are incidents of rape, molestation, eve teasing, acid attacks and what not,few make headlines but most of them go unregistered.
Have women just become sex toys? Are women mere entertainment objects? Then why this cruelty to the female gender? Why the mentality of Indian males is degrading day by day?
Are these crimes only committed by illiterate or poor people? A big NO….Even the so called educated or the rich people are not lagging behind in committing these crimes. Whether she is a kid, teenager, a mother or a grandmother…it doesn’t matter. Whether she is an educated, strong minded , urban women or she is an illiterate, weak, rural women..it doesn’t matter. Then how can you save yourself???? What is the solution to this issue?
In this country, where you worship goddesses in the form of Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kali and many more, how can you be so insensitive to womanhood. She is the one who takes care of you, your kids, your parents. She manages your home.
Once I was watching a mythological show, there goddess Parvati says” if you disrespect even one woman, you are disrespecting me and I will not tolerate this. I will destroy you”. The situation of women in our country is pathetic. Will god save the women race from this ignominy? Can god solve our problem? Yes… They don’t need to come down to earth for this. Look inside, you will get the answer.
The only solution to this is, people cleansing their minds through the path of religion and spirituality. Start with yourself, one day our country will become a better place to live in. Think about it….


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