Inspire a fragrance: smell of soil when it starts raining

What is fragrance? Is it just limited to the aromas of lavender, jasmine, cologne etc. which we get in the form of perfumes, deodorants, room fresheners.

I think fragrance or aroma is not limited to these only, anything which we would love to smell taking a deep breath can come under the category of fragrance. It can be the aroma of freshly brewed coffee or the smell of butter coming from popcorns or the smell of trees and soil in a forest.

But for me the best thing to smell is to enjoy the smell of soil when rain drops start to fall on the ground. I don’t think there would be a single person on this earth who wouldn’t love the smell of soil when rain starts. There can’t be any better aromatic thing than this. If this aroma can be incorporated in any room freshener, it can be the best thing for any household to liven up your home.


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