Having a blissful marital life

Marriage is a holy union of two individuals. The starting few months or years are very easy. But marriage is like a joyride, it has many ups and downs. How do you keep your relationship happy?

There are fights over petty issues, then there can be big fights, financial issues, health problems etc and the list goes on…. How do you handle them?

You had a fight with your partner, you make the first move for peace, even if you are not at fault. You sacrifice your wishes and dreams for your partner. You care for your partner in times of need. You cook food for your family, take care of their small needs.

There are many such things which go unnoticed in our daily life but these are the basis of a happy married life. Love should have no ifs and buts. Love should be unconditional, then you will have a blissful marital life.


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