Weddings: Do we need such pomp and show??

I know wedding day is a very special day in anybodys life, but do we need such pomp and show. Parents spend huge amounts of money in such marriages. Can’t the weddings be done without being so extravagant?
Marriage is not the end but its the beginning of a beautiful journey. Why not save the money so that it will be useful in your coming life. And if you have lots of money then please help the needy because there are many people in this world who need food, clothes, shelter and other basic amenities. If you do so, you get the well wishes of such needy people.
My parents too spent a big chunk of their savings in my marriage but I feel it was a big waste. I regret it and that it could have been utilized in a better way. Nobody is stopping you from celebrating but if it can be done in a simpler way its better. If you help even one person in this world, it would be a big deal.


4 thoughts on “Weddings: Do we need such pomp and show??

  1. I would like to know your thoughts regarding a study which says that the bigger the wedding, meaning the more people you invite to celebrate, the greater the odds for happiness and longevity in marriage. They said it has more to do with making sure a good number of people witness your public declaration of commitment because you’re truly and madly in love with each other. Do you believe this?


    • As per me….i don’t think more people attending your wedding will have any impact on your married life apart from huge expenses….nowadays almost all marriages are done in an almost grand way with lots of guests but still the number of divorces is increasing…

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