crime against women:how safe do you feel???

All the ladies out there..let me ask you a question. How safe do you feel when you are at work, in the market, strolling in the park or even in your sweet home???

For me : nowadays I feel very unsafe to step out of my house but I am scared even in my house. I get suspicious when the doorbell rings. I am new to this NCR region and there is not even a single day when you don’t hear about rape or some other crime against women.
For last 7 years I stayed in Bangalore, where I went from being single to engaged to married to the status of being a mother, but I never felt this fear there. I am not telling that there were no crimes against women but still I felt very free and had no fears to go out alone. From last 3 months I am staying in NCR region, I don’t know why but I am very scared to go out alone, because of this I feel very dependent upon my hubby. Even in the company of a male partner, you are not very safe if a gang gets hold of you, what are you going to do.

I am not saying all are bad but acts of few people is the reason for all our fears. I have a big salute for the gentlemen in Bangalore because of which the women in Bangalore feel safe and can do whatever they want.


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