Babies and their acts

This is my first ever blog. Let me tell you something about me. I have a son about 1.5yrs old.
One fine day, I was washing clothes in the washing machine in my balcony. My son followed me there and somehow he closed the latch of the door. Though he never knew about closing or opening the door. Now he is locked inside and I m out there in the balcony. Now what to do?
Nobody else is there in the house, hubby is in office. Baby starts crying, I try to console him. He can see me through the window. I tell him to open the latch with his hands but no use. He can’t understand that, he is too small. Among all these hues and cries, my neighbour upstairs heard about my situation and comes to my rescue. But what can she do? She can’t come inside as the main door is locked from inside. She calls my hubby.
Hubby dear can’t understand what’s happening. Among all these things, my baby is crying unconsolably.

But suddenly I see the door opened, I don’t know how it happened. It was really the presence of God which I felt that day and I think God only opened the door and not my son. My ordeal lasted for about 1hour and you know what. The moment the door got locked from inside, I knew that my son will open the door.


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